We already know that men aren’t the cleaner of the genders, but we may have underestimated their ability to disregard any attempts at being hygienic humans. 

When it comes to their bed sheets, men tend to wait a nasty amount of time before cleaning sheets post-sex.

A rather disturbing study by Mattress Advisor has found there’s a big difference in how long men and women wait to change sheets which have been ‘soiled through sexual activity’. 

Men can have fun in the bedroom and then sleep peacefully for an astonishing 11 days before popping those soiled sheets in the wash. 

This is compared to four days for women.

But it gets even worse… Guys, for reasons we aren’t sure of, are less keen to change their sheets after a one night stand and on average wait 18 days, compared to 2 days with women.

Got a  date coming up? Maybe bring a new set of sheets or opt to invite them over to yours, as it’s been found that generally, single guys admitted only change their sheets every 45 days. 



Though maybe if you let him know he’s in for some fun, you’ll be safer, as men are more likely to change their sheets if they think they’re going to get lucky.

In total 43 per cent of men will change their sheets before a night out if there is a possibility of sex later on, compared to 33.4 per cent of woman – that shows how confident men are huh! 

When it comes down to it, how often should we be washing our sheets anyway?

We shed a lot of skin whilst in bed and the warm and moist environments are also ideal breeding grounds mites, so experts say we should be changing our sheets every week.

If you’re too lazy for once a week, at least pull the duvet back every morning and open the window to allow moisture to escape.


Better living everyone! 

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