Victorian directives put in places due to the coronavirus outbreak were slightly changed overnight after public feedback.

Some restrictions have been tweaked to allow a little more freedom as well as provide a little more clarity into the do’s and don’t’s.

The most timely of the mix is that places of worship are now free to operate if they hold live-streamed ceremonies. Only those involved in conducting and facilitating the service can attend. Before the tweak, places of worship were completely closed.

Piercing parlours must now be closed and have been added to the list of non-essential beauty and personal care facilities.

In great news for heavy vehicle truck drivers, who are so essential to keeping Australia moving these days, roadhouses are now open with dedicated areas. Drivers can stop by for one hour for food, drinks and a well-deserved break.

Finally, it’s been clarified that you can take your child to another person’s home for childminding if you are required to leave your home. You are able to leave your child with a family member, a friend, sitter or childcare service. This can be paid or voluntarily.

If you would like more info on the Victorian Government’s directives, go here.



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