The business world is in a strange time, but it still manages to go from zero to one hundred, real quick.

If you are finding yourself in a position where you need to keep up with the latest in business, and you need to do it fast, we’ve got three words for you – What The Flux.

Cousins and life-long best friends Brett and Justin Joffe have come together to create their own podcast which contains bite-sized business news for busy people.

Each episode is less than five minutes and features the top five Australian or global business stories of the day, so it is the perfect accompaniment for your commute to work or morning coffee.

Imagine how many brownie points you’ll receive when you rock up to the work kitchen and start talking about Xero’s first full year of profit with your boss. BAM!

Brett and Justin care about their listeners too, aka the ‘Flux Family’. So much so, they built an online finance tool called Cash Burn to assist their audience to monitor their spending – and it’s free. In a time like this, this stuff is invaluable.

If you haven’t been one to keep up with news, now is a really good time to start, and bite-sized podcasts like What The Flux are the easiest ways to do it. You’ll be up to date with Virgin Australia and Facebook before the ad break ends during your fave TV show!


Check out the podcast now at!