So close, yet so far!

One Sydney woman has lost out on winning half a billion dollars in The Lottery Office’s USA Mega Lotto draw over the weekend, missing the insane cash prize by just one number.

The Lottery Office said that the woman was “painfully close” to getting $500 million in winnings, which would have been the largest lotto win ever seen in Australia, but she was just one number off the mark.

“The player’s numbers were painfully close to taking home the entire jackpot,” said Jaclyn Wood, CEO of The Lottery Office, according to 9 News.

“unfortunately, the final number ran was 51 and she had number 50. It was incredibly close.”

While the Sydney resident just missed out on division 1, she was thankful to have been a winner in division 3, scoring herself a neat $9,200 in the draw.

“If I had won the full jackpot I would have retired and, after the pandemic, travelled the world,” the woman said.


“Still, winning $9,200 from spending $23.50 is nothing to sneeze at. I was planning a trip to Hawaii before international borders closed so I will be putting my winnings towards this holiday.”

Any win is still a win; especially at this tough time!

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