If there’s one thing that catches people at Aldi more than we would ever care to admit..

It’s putting a coin in the trolley.

And now one Mum has looked to fix that for all of us and it’s super simple.

Posting in the Aldi Mums Facebook page, the woman showed how she used a key instead of a gold coin as a trolley token.

“This is an old hack of mine, if you ever find yourself without a gold coin or a token, look no further than a suitable key on your key ring, you’re welcome,” she wrote, alongside a photo of her trolley.`

Users were quick to praise the woman, with one saying that she is a ‘lifesaver’ and another said it was ‘the best life hack ever’!


Others were quick to point out you can buy trolley coins from Aldi for just 99C at the checkout.

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