Victoria Police have withdrawn a $1,600 fine for going on a driving lesson with her mother under the state’s stage-3 lockdown measures.

The 17-year-old learner driver was issued the fine after being pulled over by police during a driving lesson with her mum.

Learner drivers had been warned that driving lessons were non-essential, unless driving for a reason allowed under the state’s shutdown exemptions.

The news of the fine even prompted a little dig from Victoria’s Health Minister Jenny Mikakos, who said in a press conference: “you should be staying home at every opportunity, that doesn’t include taking your child on a learner driver experience.”

SAPOL have clarified the situation for learners in South Australia, telling a journalist that the restrictions in place in SA would not prevent two members of the same family going for a drive together.

Meanwhile, NSW Police also took a different view to the Vics’, saying that driving lessons are a reasonable excuse given that you can’t undertake a driving lesson from home.

Victoria’s stage three shutdown means that people are only allowed to leave the house for food and supplies, medical care, exercise, work and education.