The good people at The Lott and Lotterywest have gone and crunched the numbers and we now know where Australia’s lottery hot spots are.

So if you’ve got big plans to win big in 2021, you might want to pay these postcodes a visit because they seem to be where the big bucks are being coughed up.

New South Wales – 2000 (Sydney CBD)
More division one lottery tickets were sold in the city than any other postcode in the state. Winners who bought tickets at CBD outlets took home $5.4 million over 2020.

Victoria – 3337 (Melton)
Four division one tickets were sold in postcode 3337. It was responsible for $10.4 million in winning tickets, making it the country’s winning-est postcode when it comes to prize money.

Queensland – 4870 (Cairns) If you’re in the south-east, Cairns might be a bit of a drive just to buy a lottery ticket. Although it could all be worth it if you take home division one in the upcoming $30 million megadraw on January 2. Six division one-winning tickets were sold in Cairns over 2020, with winners taking home more than $6.24 million.

South Australia – 5000 (Adelaide CBD)
South Australians had the most luck buying lottery entries from the city. More than $3.27 million in prize came from lottery tickets bought in the CBD.

Western Australia – 6062 (Morley) & 6210 (Mandurah) 
Both Morley and Mandurah sold five division one-winning entries each, with Morley’s winning entries responsible for $6.45 million in prize money.

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