A gift card ‘hack’ shared on social media by an Aussie model has sent the online universe into a spin with people labelling it a ‘game-changer’.

A TikTok user shared the information with her followers after discovering the loophole herself.

She discovered that Westfield Gift Cards don’t just need to be used for stuff bought in stores at Westfield Shopping Centres.

Nope, they can be used pretty much anywhere! Anywhere that EFTPOS cards are accepted, at least.


I feel like this is a life hack so imma share

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“I just thought I’d let you all know that if anyone in your family is giving you gift cards for shopping centres as a whole, it’s kind of annoying, I don’t really enjoy that,” Alex Davidson said in her TikTok video.


“But if people are doing that, literally it is an Eftpos gift card, it is not just for the shopping centre.”

Anyone else feel like they have been lied to their entire life?

People were quick to jump into the comments and laud her for sharing the life-changing loophole

Have you given it a try? We’re a little worried about swiping the card at a service station and seeing it decline. Awkward!