Parents have been left stunned by a teachers way of organising a class event.

Takira Scott, a mother from Meridian in the IS, took to Facebook to share the note her daughter received from her teacher for the class Christmas Party.

In the note, it said that her child could provide ‘chips/cheese balls’ for the party before the teacher added ”My philosophy is: If they don’t bring anything, they don’t eat anything.”

The teacher’s way of communicating didn’t sit well with Ms Scott, who took to Facebook and said “Now for these kids to be between 6-7yrs this should not be a philosophy. Kids are kids man. This is definitely not acceptable in my eyes.”

Comments quickly flooded the photo, with one saying “That’s absolutely HORRIBLE!” and another said “So what happens if the little kids parents can’t afford to buy that or can’t get to the store? The kid is going to suffer and sit there not eating? WOW that’s ridiculous.”

Some people, however, agreed with the note, saying “It’s called ‘making parents accountable’ send a snack to be a part like everyone else or at least communicate with the teacher if you are having a hard time but it’s not fair to the parents who participate.”


Since the photo was shared, the school has released a statement saying ”We want our students to view school as a safe space. Our students should know when they come to school that they are in an environment where they are nurtured by their teacher.”

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