Meet Adena.

She’s a mum to two beautiful kids, Amelia & Xander and a devoted wife to Shane.

I’m Heidi her carer, and Adena needs our help. Adena has Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

MND is a fast-progressing, terminal neurological disease. It affects speech, movement, and eventually the ability to breathe.The life span of someone with MND is usually 2-5 years, and Adena will reach her 4-year mark in September this year.

Sadly, Adena’s MND has progressed and requires around-the-clock care. The little things we take for granted like taking the kids to school or picking them up from a play date, are virtually impossible now. For Adena and her carers, transferring to & from ‘normal’ cars has become too complex and risky, so the family are now on the hunt for a wheelchair-accessible van.

This is where we need your help.

Adena needs some HOT WHEELS! Something that’ll allow Adena to comfortably and safely get back out and about and enjoy life to the fullest. From taking her kids to school or getting to appointments with carers.


Adena isn’t after anything fancy-nancy and has her eye on a second-hand one.    Her one request is that her wheelchair can fit between the passenger’s seats, so she can sit between her kids.

Purchasing a van is not in their budget and is unattainable. This isn’t a “want” in Adena’s world, it is a need.

Can you help?

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