There’s no doubt about it, Australia went Ooshie’s crazy recently when Woolworths unveiled their exclusive Lion King collection.

Not only were customers eager to collect them all, but some went as far as to try and re-sell the prized collectables online for astonishing amounts on sites like eBay.

And now, as Christmas quickly approaches, it seems that our Ooshie’s obsession is about to sky rocket once more!

While we won’t be able to receive the little plastic creatures for free in Woolworths stores with every $30 purchase, the company behind the Ooshies has actually created advent calendars to help us count down to the festive season.

There are two themes on offer, a DC Comics Advent Calendar and a Disney Advent Calendar, each including 24 of the little pencil toppers behind each little door.

There will also be rare and exclusive Ooshies to collect, with 8 in the DC comics variety and a whopping 12 in the Disney one.

“Now you can enjoy counting down the 24 days until Christmas with your favourite heroes and villains,” the product ad reads.


“Open a new window each day to reveal a surprise Ooshie. Create your own awesome holiday theme adventures.”

The Ooshies advent calendars can be bought online from Amazon. Although they won’t come cheap, coming in at just over $100 plus delivery.

No doubt there will be crazy collectors out there willing to pay the any price though!

(Source: 7 News)

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