Many shoppers have grabbed themselves a Wooden Cubby House from Kmart and put their creative energy to good use. With a coat of paint and accessories of your choice, you can theme it to your heart’s desire.

That is exactly what one mum did when she purchased the $199 item and transformed it into a ‘book store’ for her daughter’s first birthday – and let us say, it is absolutely DREAMY!

Lauren Smith took to the popular Facebook group Kmart Hacks and Decor to share her DIY project which she had put together for her little girl, Isla.

Lauren told users that she had also purchased that she used IKEA spice racks for bookshelves, and had purchased plants and materials for the pink chandelier from Spotlight.


The cubby house wasn’t the only thing she had purchased from Kmart, with the fairy lights and pillows purchased at the department store as well.


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People were in awe of her work, with one commenter describing it as “stunning.”

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