A mum has taken to social media channel TikTok to share a parenting hack that makes nappy-changing super easy.

Every parent’s dream is to have the nappy change take no more time than it needs to be but it always takes longer than it should.

Step in, Valerie & Jayleen, who took to the video platform in the short but life-changing hack.

In the video, the mother explains how to swaddle your baby’s arms to stop them from squirming while you change their nappy, making the process easier.

“People, when you’re changing your baby’s dirty diaper, make sure you button its onesie from the back to the front with its hands inside so they won’t be in the way,” she said.

In the clip, the Mum folds up her baby’s onesie to above the belly button, creating a pocket for its arms.


She then goes onto pull the back of the onesie and brings it over her baby’s shoulder and buttons to the front.

This way, your bub’s top half is swaddled comfortably, and their bottom half is free to be changed.

One mum comments on the video saying “I should not have been allowed to be a parent before knowing this,” while another said ‘I wish I knew this’.

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