With Halloween just one day away, many kids are gearing up to transform into all sorts of characters. You can be anyone you want to be! 

One mum has reached out to other parents ahead of the spookiest day of the year after trialling out Kmart’s home brand $1 Fake Blood, discovering it has stained her hands.

“Don’t, I repeat don’t, put this fake blood on your kids faces for Halloween. Damn things stains like a mofo,” the woman wrote on the Kmart Mums Facebook group.

She wasn’t alone in her unfortunate experience with the product either!

“I used it on my daughter’s face last year lol big mistake haha poor kid,” one said.

“Yep we made this mistake and the kids had to miss some days off school,” another wrote.


Kmart recommends washing off the product with warm, soapy water, however other customers have suggested trying fake tan remover or coconut oil if staining occurs.