Despite most of us having our Christmas shopping totally sorted by now, there’s a bunch of us who can’t seem to get it together until the last minute. 

A recent survey out of the UK found that 70 per cent of women had begun their Christmas shopping before December, some as early as the end-of-year sales the previous year, while 1 in 10 men are still yet to do it.

 “Christmas is hard work,” customer service expert Chris Smoje told 96FM, likening Christmas shopping to a student procrastinating on an assignment.

This week in particular isn’t going to get easier, either.  

“Christmas Eve falls on a Saturday, it’s going to be hot, parking is always an issue and there will be more and more people leaving work this week and filling up shops, so it’s only going to get worse.”

“What makes it harder is when retail staff get their back up and become ‘moralising’, saying things like ‘you should’ve done this earlier’.”

While Smoje was a customer service expert, he’s also a guy. A guy, who I found out, also hadn’t done any Christmas shopping.


After having a good ol’ laugh about the irony, he put it down to two possible reasons: like the student who gets their assignment done the night before its due, some blokes seem relish the pressure of shopping on Christmas Eve. Also, “I think some guys think that shops are going to start discounting in the days leading up to Christmas, which doesn’t happen.” 

One thing is for sure this week, online shopping will drop while bricks and mortar trade will spike.

And on Christmas Day itself? No doubt we’ll see those who have really dragged their feet at the local servo.

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