Break ups are never easy… And sometimes it’s the first one that hurts us the most.

There was a breakup in the O’Connell family over the weekend… It involved one of his daughters. But as Christian points out it’s not his story to share, so he won’t.

But it got him thinking about the pain of our first break ups, as it’s not easy. We’re all above the clouds in love when it all comes crashing down.

With any breakup comes the breakup song, sure we’re not writing the song, but there’s always a song that reminds us of the break up or the relationship itself.

Christian remembers the one song he played on heavy rotation, ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ by The Cure, while his dad yelled out to him in his bedroom, “Turn this crap off! It’s not helping! Open the curtains!”…

We heard from some of your breakup songs and they really hit the feels! Take a listen below:


What song reminds you of your first break up? Let us know!

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