At the moment, a lot of people are facing the toll that the coronavirus will have on their lives – and it’s in moments like these, kindness really goes a long way.

A man in Melbourne put some smiles on faces this week after watching people queue up at Box Hill Centrelink.

“I came here as a six-year-old from a village in Greece and this country has been good to me,” the lawyer and businessman said.

“I was watching the queues at Centrelink, all those people lining up just so they could buy food for their families, and it made me so sick to my stomach. I couldn’t take it anymore.”

The man, who prefered to not give his name, went down to the bank and withdrew $10,000 in $100 notes. He handed them out to people in the line and inside the building.

“That day they just needed instant relief. These are just innocent people who, through no fault of their own, can’t put food on the table.

“There is a lot of wealth in this country and we can ship some of that off so people can get back on their feet, that’s all there is to it.


“If everyone who is a little better off can take out what they can and hand out some lettuce leaves ($100 notes), do you know how much better we will be?”

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