Vacuuming can be a pretty tedious job especially if you’ve got large spaces in your home – so it is no wonder many are outsourcing the job!

Robot vacuums are popping up everywhere these days. Only recently, Aldi was slinging them in their Special Buys for $399.

Now, shoppers have turned an eye to Kmart. They’ve got the little gadgets going out the door for $179 and according to shoppers, they are doing a pretty good job.

One reviewer said on Facebook she was “super impressed” with the results after trying it out at home.

“For those wanting reviews on the robot vacuum I’m super impressed – and for the price you can’t go wrong,” the shopper, Tammy wrote.

“Also, I should add that this is only from one bedroom which I vacuumed this morning!”


The product boasts three cleaning modes, automatic recharging dock, anti-drop sensor and a working time of up to 90 minutes. It even comes with a remote control so you can handle it whilst kicking back on the couch!


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