Kmart has all the essentials, which means there is a lot of stock on the floor to get through.

You may have thought shopping at the store was easy before, but it turns out it was actually always super simple – we were just never aware of it!

A woman recently discovered a ‘secret’ colour code used in Kmart’s Anko brand for each of its departments.

“Not a hack but did everyone know that all the Anko branded stuff is colour coded?” the woman posted to Facebook, “my husband just pointed it out to me casually and my little mind was blown.”

For example, orange represents kitchen and appliances; lime green is for sporting equipment; blue is for bathroom and grey is for pets. MIND BLOWN!

A Kmart employee also commented, saying it helps the staff during their day to day.

“Look at the area signs also, they will have the colour of the area,” the employee said.


I will never look at Kmart the same way ever again.