A library book 25 years overdue has been returned with a handwritten apology that the borrower is “really sorry” they didn’t bring it back sooner.

The copy of Philosophy for Beginners by Richard Osborne was due in 1994, but was only returned to Sydney’s Waverley Council Library this week.

At the current overdue fine rate of approximately 30 cents a day, the fine for the book would be more than $2,700. However, most libraries cap its fines at around $10-20.

The letter reads:

“Dear Waverley Library,

I’m returning this book from 1994 which has been in my bookshelf for far too long. 

I’m really sorry I did not return it sooner – I have trouble letting things go. 


I hope it makes its way back onto your shelves so it can hopefully ignite someone else’s passion for philosophy. 

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused. 

Thank you for providing a wonderful environment. 

I have so many happy memories.” 


Thankfully, Waverley Council will be letting the fine slide!

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