This morning everyone’s talking about the new coronavirus tracking app launched by the Australian government yesterday, with people being asked to download the app in order to help us combat the pandemic.

The app, COVIDsafe uses Bluetooth to trace who we have been in contact with and lets us know if any of these people have tested positive to COVID-19 so we can track the spread of the disease.

We’ve ben told that if more people download the tracking app, the more likely we are to be able to ease lockdown restrictions and in the space of just four hours, over one million Australians downloaded the app.

But one person that has since spoken out against the app is One Nation leader Pauline Hanson.

Speaking on the Today Show this morning, Pauline said that she won’t be downloading COVIDsafe because she doesn’t trust the government.


“Pauline did you go get it?” Karl Stefanovic asked her this morning.

“That’ll be the day,” she laughed. “I don’t want them tracking me. I don’t trust the government… Why the hell would I let the government, give it to them personally, to download my information.”

“Because you have a responsibility to the Australian people if we want to try and control this COVID-19 and we want to try and track people, where they go and who they have contact with,” hit back Karl.

“I have a responsibility to myself first and foremost and I know damn well that I haven’t been around people and I’ve been self isolating and I haven’t go the COVID-19,” Pauline replied.

“Besides, when you’ve got only a few cases in the blasted country and they lock down the whole bloody country still, and they want to put this app on your phone when we’re very much on the decrease, come on Karl I don’t trust them.”

Karl didn’t agree and said they’re going to be tracking him and he’s happy to let them do it.


The data collected on COVIDsafe is encrypted and stored in a database that can only be accessed by health authorities once you test positive.

We’re also being told that police can’t get access to the information.

For the app to be effective the government say they need half of all Australians to download it and register their details.

You can download the app on the Apple App Store here or the Google Play Store here.

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