One Word Phone In is the newest segment on The Christian O’Connell Show, where Christian sets a single word as the topic for you to share your stories about. Today’s word was ‘hills’.

First and foremost, Christian pointed out when asking for stories about hills there’s bound to be injuries, “momentum, mass, acceleration…” it all adds up. So we expected to hear about varying levels of injury.

But what we didn’t expect was Jason to call up and share what Christian would soon call his favourite ever story on the show.

We all remember watching the 1997 Aussie classic, The Castle, and seeing the Kerrigans trawling through the Trading Post for anything and everything. Well that’s what Jason did and he got a hang glider. Of course he didn’t need it, he just wanted it – let’s just hope they weren’t asking too much for it!

As a complete novice to the sport, Jason got a quick lesson from the guy selling it before racing down a hill for his first flight – but we wouldn’t recommend this!

Take a listen to the crazy story from Jason, or as Christian now calls him ‘the Birdman’ below:


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