A 30-year-old Aussie woman has been left speaking with a thick Irish accent after suffering a nightmarish migraine.

Kate Baggs from Melbourne suffers from ‘hemiplegic migraines’ which causes symptoms similar to those of a stroke.

However, this isn’t the first time the horrifying migraine has caused her to speak with a different accent.

In 2015, Kate developed a Canadian accent after another episode. It eventually went back to her normal Australian accent until she woke up to an Irish accent while on holidays with her godparents three weeks ago.

It’s important to note that the embroidery artist has never visited Canada or Ireland, and has lived in Australia her whole life.

“The most the doctors can understand is that the migraines are probably happening at the speech and language centre of my brain,” Kate said.


“I was at the shop buying a toothbrush and I started the sentence sounding like the Australian me and by the end of the sentence I realised something was odd.

“My godmother thought I was making a joke, mimicking something from a movie we were talking about.

She added, “It’s been Irish ever since and it doesn’t show any signs of going away anytime soon.”

Thankfully, MRIs and scans over the years show there is no damage on her brain. However, she is on preventative medication as her episodes can last for a few weeks.

(Source: 7News)