An amazing but shocking series of events has led a man to find out his girlfriend was cheating on him after her sexts to a previous partner appeared on her daughters iPad.

The man posted his story to Reddit and told how his girlfriend of one year had been sending filthy messages to her ex behind his back.

The devastated 36-year-old found out she had been cheating after he came across sext which appeared on her daughters iPad by mistake.

The girlfriend, a 37-year-old nurse, has two children from a previous relationship and had been flirting with an ex-partner and doctor behind her boyfriends back.

The man posted the story to Reddit to try and figure out what to do.

He explained that he stumbled across the messages from his girlfriend while using his daughter’s iPad to sign out of YouTube as he was continually getting kids video suggestions on his phone.

However, when he closed the window, an explicit text message popped up from her ex, an engaged surgeon.


Some of the texts read: “I miss you”, “you give me butterflies” and “I regret dumping you.” The heartbroken bloke asked: “Should I just pack my bags and leave on good terms without saying a word about what I read?

“Or confront her about it and leave?”

Readers were sympathetic with one saying “Deal with it now. You have been with her not quite a year. Let that go before it becomes more.

“Anniversaries are irrelevant, occasions are irrelevant. The only relevant fact here is that your girlfriend is exhibiting unfaithfulness and you have done nothing.”

It doesn’t help the man that today, January 9, is the day when most people are likely to start an affair.

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