A Fitzroy pub has been slapped with the first on-the-spot fine issued by police over the weekend after breaking new laws about social distancing.

Deputy Police Commission Shane Patton said a fine of $9,913 was issued on Saturday night. He also said that staff failed to cooperate with their enquires on how long and why they remained open.

“A licensed bar in Fitzroy had six staff there present, two people present being served alcohol, and it was being treated as business was open totally,” Patton said.

“They refused to state how long they had been open or why they were open, in effect, giving a no comment response.”

Police Minister Lisa Neville said that Victoria Police ‘sincerely’ hopes they don’t have to issue fines but will do so if people don’t follow the rules.

As part of Operation Sentinel, the police conducted 1,225 spot checks at homes, businesses and non-essential services over the weekend.




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