Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has stressed the importance of staying home and following the guidelines over the Easter long weekend, where people traditionally gather with family and travel outside of Melbourne.

“It’s a long weekend, but it is not a holiday weekend. We can’t simply have a normal Easter and pretend that it won’t spread the virus. It will.

“If this gets away from us there will be no family in Victoria that isn’t touched by this.

“If you are moving around as normal, you are doing the wrong thing.”

He did say that he won’t stop people going to properties they own, but people should ask themselves if they need to travel there. If they do, it should only be with their immediate household.

“It’s not an AirBNB-ing weekend. It’s not a day tripping weekend. Sadly – but critically, importantly – you need to stay home.

“I haven’t looked at the weather forecast but I hope it’s pouring rain all weekend. I seriously do, because that will discourage people from doing the wrong thing. That’s what we saw last weekend and the numbers today reflect that.”


Andrews acknowledges the challenges when it came to grandparents in particular who can’t be with their grandchildren during this time.

“Let’s not think that this Easter is just an ordinary Easter and Grandma and Grandpa and all the grandkids can get together at family homes and have a big Sunday lunch. It’s just not the way this Easter can work. Otherwise people will die.”







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