If you’ve vowed to eat clean and healthy this year you may want to keep reading. Nutritionists are warning some of the health trends of 2016 may actually not be as good for you as we first thought.

From healthy popcorn to natural sugar alternatives, many of us think we’re doing the right thing when we swap our fatty snacks for what we believe are healthier alternatives.

Leading nutritionist Rob Hobso told The Daily Mail that while many viewed popcorn as a guilt free snack, what we’re forgetting about is the levels of salt and amount of calories each bag contains . 

Maple and agave syrup have been popular natural sugar alternatives that have flooded health food blogs, but Hobso is warning dieters not to buy into the craze. While sugar contains 50 per cent fructose levels, agave syrup can be as high as 90 percent, which means it can contribute to insulin resistance which can increase the risk of type two diabetes. 

Hobso says consumers should remember that natural sweeteners are all still sugar at the end of the day and need to be used sparingly. 


If you’ve hopped on the protein bandwagon, you may be disturbed to hear that the good old protein bar is off limits too. According to nutritionists they are high in calories, sugar, hydrogenated oils, cheap fillers, binders and stabilisers. They suggest the bars could even lead to weight gain. If you can’t live without your protein bar, the best option is to start making your own to ensure you know everything that’s going into them. 

Breakfast biscuits are another no, no due to the large amounts of sugar they contain. Nutritionists warn you might think you’re being healthy, but one serving has the same amount of sugar as a chocolate bar. I know which one I’d prefer! 

If you think enjoying a bowl of frozen yoghurt is the epitome of healthy eating then sadly you’re wrong. The truth is frozen yoghurt contains more sugar than ice cream and can lead to weight gain. 

So it seems the only way of ensuring a healthy 2017, is eating plenty of fresh fruit and veg and home cooked meals. 

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