The state government today looks set to announce easing of social distancing restrictions.

A further ten cases of COVID-19 were reported on Sunday, taking Victoria’s tally to 1487.

One new case was linked to the outbreak at the Melbourne abattoir, with one other coming from hotel quarantine.

More than 150,000 Victorians have been tested for Coronavirus over the past two weeks, with just 20 cases being positive.

However, health minister Jenny Mikakos said that the state was ‘not out of the woods yet’.

While the state may see some easing in Monday, including larger outdoor and indoor gatherings, with cafes and restaurants allowed to sit patrons down, Mikakos said people should still remain home as much as possible.

There were reports of large crowds at Melbourne shopping centres over the weekend.


“It’s important that the community understands that the pandemic is not over. Your shopping should only be for ­essential items,” she said.

“You should not be heading out to the shops to kill boredom. You should only be heading out there for as little time as possible to do the essential shopping you require for your family.”

As restrictions ease, we could be turned away from shops and workplaces, with Chief Medical ­Officer Brendan Murphy saying “If one of your colleagues or an employee or a client turns up, you have every right to say, ‘Go away, I am not going to let you in, I am not going to treat you’ … unless you’re a doctor, of course.’’

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