Australia’s Coronavirus pandemic could peak next week, based on new data from the University of Sydney.

On the basis, if 90 per cent of Aussies were to adapt the social distancing measures, active cases would peak by mid-April, according to  led by Professor Mikhail Prokopenko.

The spread of the virus could be controlled by July.

In the study, if everyone complies with the measures, a total of 8-10,000 people will be infected during the pandemic. As of Monday morning, there were 5,795 cases across the country.

“The model updated with most recent data shows that Australia is very close to the incidence peak, and in two weeks’ time may be approaching the prevalence peak,” said Prokopenko said in a statement.

“What this means is that the number of new daily cases will begin to steadily reduce from now on.


“The number of all ‘active’ cases may keep rising until mid-April, and then start to slowly decline.”

Prokopenko added Australia seemed to be tracking well, but it was no time for complacency.

“The best outcome is a short-term pain, long-term gain scenario,” he said.

“Even a three-day delay in adopting strong social distancing measures (around 90 per cent) would cost us a three-week lengthening of the suppression period, meaning we would have to comply with social distancing for longer.”

It is predicted by that by July, larger-scale testing methods will be available and social distancing measures could be relaxed, slightly.