A bottle shop in Melbourne’s south-east is at the centre of the state’s health authorities’ concerns as fears of transmission at the shop grow.

Grape and Grain Liquor Cellars in Moorabbin has been closed, subject to a two-week quarantine order, after a staff member tested positive having worked several shifts over the Christmas and New Year period.

News of the bottle shop’s exposure to the virus has worried some, with comparisons being made to the BWS store at the centre of Sydney’s Berala cluster.

Health authorities have escalated advice to those who visited the store during outlined times between December 21-29.

Initially visitors to the store had been told that they could leave isolation if they received a negative test.

Affected visitors to the store are now being told that they must quarantine for 14 days from their visit, irrespective of whether they return a negative COVID test or not.

Almost 100 locations across Victoria have now been added to the DHHS’s list of COVID exposure sites, with varying health advice being issued depending on the level of exposure.


You can find the full list of COVID-19 exposure sites at the DHHS website here.

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