As we all know by now, we are stuck living in a COVID-19 lifestyle for quite some time now and with some countries and areas implementing mandatory masks, it means retail stores are stocking up on masks.

And one person has found a little bit of an error with a Target US display and he shared it online this week.

The man from North Caroline, snapped the display station of some nice looking cloth masks that had a mirror on it, with the caption “Target put out a mirror so you can try on different masks before choosing the one you want.’’

“Think about it for a minute… Now I will assume that this was a rack being repurposed, but still.”

The post left everyone just as stunned, with 8,000 people now commenting on the post.

One commentator said “That’s got to be the dumbest thing I ever heard of,’ while another sad “They should have the masks inside sealed plastic bags in that case. I can only imagine there are some idiots who would actually try them on.’

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