For many of us, getting older means our eyes aren’t quite as sharp as they used to be.

You might catch yourself squinting a little at your computer screen, taking a few extra seconds to focus on each page in a book or having a bit of trouble reading road signs.

In May, OPSM opticians in Australia are observing Macula Month to raise awareness for macular degeneration, Australia’s leading cause of vision loss and blindness.

The macula, a part of the retina at the centre of your eye, performs a vital role in giving you clear and sharp vision of your surroundings.

Peter Murphy, OPSM Director of Eyecare and Community, says it’s possible to detect macular degeneration during a routine eye test.

“Macular disease is a chronic condition that can be diagnosed through regular eye tests,” Murphy says.  

“Although the disease is most prevalent in those over 50, those with a parent or sibling with the disease, and if you have diabetes. If you’re a smoker, the risk is 3-4 times higher. 


There are a number of ways to lower the risk of developing macular degeneration, including wearing good quality sunglasses and maintaining a healthy, balanced diet.

Find out more about macular degeneration today to discover tips for disease care and prevention.

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