Your Thursday tan night just became a whole lot easier thanks to your sweet tooth. No longer do you have to strip down to next to nothing in front of your spray tan lady or ask your sister to spread tanning foam on the hard to reach parts of your back.

All you have to do to get that fresh, bronzed glow is eat one of these Gummy Bears!

Of course we’re not talking about your typical pack of Haribo Gummy Bears so don’t rush down to the grocery store with the hopes of tanning your skin. These special Gummy Bears can actually be found at your local chemist and are designed by super drug company Utan and Tone.

The revolutionary tanning product is described as being “The world’s first edible tan supplements developed by healthcare experts” and is said to “help accelerate & enhance the perfect bronze tone to pale skins, with & without the sun.”

Basically each user is told to eat two bears a day for approximately two to three weeks before spending some time in the sun. The Gummy Bears allow potent actives to be held in the skin cells for a considerable amount of time and this makes the skin more susceptible to gaining a gradual tan.Once your skin has reached the desired shade consumers should then start cutting down on their daily bear intake.


While the Utan Gummy Bears are incredibly convenient in reaching your desired tan they’re also said to be simply delicious, coming in a sweet raspberry flavour.

It’s never been easier to reach that sun kissed look and the added bonus is you control how dark you go so there’s no chance of turning the colour of a carrot. Maybe someone should hit up Donald Trump with this one?

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