Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton has revealed he tested negative to coronavirus overnight on social media.

Sutton shared on Twitter on Monday afternoon that he “wasn’t feeling well” with symptoms such as a runny nose, sore throat and headache.

He presented himself for the swab at Wantirna South and isolated at home as per directions set by… himself.

“Not feeling well today – runny nose, sore throat and headache. Tested for COVID-19 and at home until I get my result. Just like 4.5 million Victorians have done,” he tweeted.

Just before 8PM on Monday night, he announced he hadn’t contracted the virus and was free to leave his home.

“Aaaaand, a negative result. Thanks for all kind wishes. I think colds are making a comeback as school returns. But #EveryTestHelps, right?

“Thinking of the quarantine workers who did exactly the right thing.”



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