The Federal Government is believed to be looking into tracking Australians on an app, which will, in turn, allow movement restrictions to be loosened.

The contact tracing app would be a voluntary service that people can sign up for.

The app would be similar to those that have been used in Singapore, allowing authorities to trace contact between people with the coronavirus and the wider community to stop the spread of infections quicker.

Scott Morrison said on Tuesday “In order to ease the sort of restrictions we’ve seen in place now, which have only been, frankly, a couple of weeks … to do that, we need a greater health capacity to be able to respond to these sorts of outbreaks and respond very effectively.’’

“We need a greater degree of tracing capability for contacts, and that can happen much more quickly than it does now, and a testing regime that is much more universal so we can get onto the outbreaks very quickly when they respond.”

He said there is “quite a bit more work to do before we can give ourselves the leave pass to be even contemplating easing those restrictions”.

The ABC has reported the development of the app is underway, and it would be deemed to be effective if 40% of Australians signed up.

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