An Australian shopper has shared a trick to ‘remove coronavirus’ from her money.

Facebook user Crystal said she gives all her notes a bath in the bathroom sink, saying The best thing about being Australia is we can wash our money.”

The clip was shared to the  Budgeting, Food, Savings Ideas, Life Help Australia  and shows Crystal filling up her bathroom sink with 15 $50 notes.

After a few squirts of Dettol soap, she uses her hands to clean the cash.

Several leading health experts recently voiced concerns about people using cash while infections are still common, with some stating that the virus can stay active on cash for 10 days.

“The belief is that these viruses can stay on surfaces in their fully active states for at least 10 days. That includes cash and all kinds of other surfaces that people normally touch,’ Dr. Sanjay Maggirwar, an expert from George Washington University School of Medicine, told CBS MoneyWatch.

“So certainly with the coronavirus, cash handling is a concern.”


Many Australian shops are asking customers to by paid card only, as a precaution.

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