A self-funded animal shelter in Golden Beach, Gippsland has closed down after it ran out of money whilst caring for 23 animals.

Our Haven Wildlife Shelter, run by Theresa and Tony Matthews, have been taking in struggling animals from around the area since 2010 after a random encounter with a grey joey.

The couple has been hard at work during the bushfire crisis protecting the wildlife. With the number of animals in need, things have become more difficult and they’ve unfortunately had to bring their work to a halt.

The announcement was made in a heartbreaking Facebook post, which included a video of joeys playing in the laundry.

“I am so sorry but I can’t find the funds to continue at the moment so I am going to have to shut down until I can find more support – I have 23 [animals] on bottles I have to care for.

“THANK you for the material donations but we need money to continue xx”


In the comments, Theresa expressed her sadness further in a reply to a question from a supporter,

“I’m worn out. What I have seen is these big companies getting huge money while us carers are going without. Our families [are] skimping on food and the people who rule us making decisions and they have never cared for these babies.

“It would be amazing if these famous people came and saw us real people who do the real work and see what we give up.”

On Friday, the Facebook page announced they had received a significant donation from Mornington’s Animal Rehabilitation Centre (ARC) as well as help from the wider community.

Our Haven Wildlife Shelter is still desperately seeking donations. If you can help, go here.


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