We all eat our favourite foods and snacks differently. 

For example, some of us like to eat an apple all the way around the middle before moving to the top or bottom, whereas others like to start at the top. 

Some people eat their pizza with a knife and fork, others just use their hands. 

However recently we’ve discovered a toblerone eating hack that is so incredible we NEEDED to share it with you so that you too can be aware and adopt this way of life immediately. 

Believe us, it’s simply brilliant. 

Kaitlin Moore posted a video on YouTube that reveals how you’re supposed to eat Toblerone and it makes our current technique (holding it with two hands and seeing how many triangles we can fit in our mouth at once) look completely wrong. 


So, turns out you’re supposed to take a hunk off by pushing our thumb inwards on the tip of the triangle, towards the rest of the bar! 

We just WISH this method was explained on the packet! Would’ve made our Toblerone eating experience a whole lot more enjoyable. 


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