I don’t know about you, but growing up I thought one of the best treats going around was the legendary Bubble O’Bill!

That crazy looking cowboy face made out of strawberry, chocolate and caramel ice-cream on a stick, and of course, featuring a nose made out of bubble gum is a dead-set Aussie icon!

And while you may feel you are too old to buy one from your local corner store, an amazing new cocktail creation means that you can once again taste the original flavor AND enjoy it like a grown-up at a proper bar!

The genius folk at Milky Lane have conjured up our childhood dreams and put them together with that all important magical ingredient, booze!

However, you will have to get in quick as it will only be available at their bars in Surfers Paradise, Bondi, Parramatta, Bondi and Coogee for November ONLY!

Milky Lane have amazing form when it comes to combining chocolate and lolly treats with a cocktail after they had this Aero bar infused cocktail last month!


And if that wasn’t enough to get your blood sugar rising, they also sell amazing childhood inspired milkshakes like the jelly popping candy shake!

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