Buono is an incredibly popular plant-based frozen dessert that kicked off in Thailand and has finally made it over the high seas to Australia.

With no gluten and no artificial colours, it’s no wonder it’s gone down a treat internationally.

Now that we’re going into summer, it’s time to start looking and cold dessert options and this one is at the TOP of my list.

Buono Boru Boru is a tub of ice cream with flavours inspired by bubble tea!

Coles currently stocks two flavours in 473g tubs that sell for $10.00 a pop.

Thai tea ( a classic milk tea flavour) and Genmaicha ( green tea/matcha type flavour) are the flavours available, made with coconut milk and containing flavoured balls that replicate the tapioca you get in a bubble tea.


If milk tea isn’t your style, then you can try their line of Mochi desserts!

Buono’s Mochi Ice mochi balls are stocked in Coles with the flavours Mango, Chocolate and Green tea but Woolworths also stocks the Black Sesame and Coconut flavours!

They’re so easy to eat and kind of guilt-free?

At least they’ll be better than another helping of that Christmas pudding…