Australians have never been big on s’mores as a treat, apparently we don’t know what we’re missing out on!

You know s’mores, right? They’re the camping treat consisting of a couple of bickies with a layer of toasted marshmallow in-between.

Turns out they’re delicious and Americans are sitting on a whole raft of s’mores-inspired snacks that never seem to make their way to Australia.

Now, there’s at least one snack on supermarket shelves correcting that course.

Oreo S’mores are that treat. For those who have never had the pleasure, they are the choc cookie sandwich with chocolate and marshmallow flavoured creme.

They’re on the shelves at Woolies supermarkets across the country right now for just $1.50. If you’ve never experienced s’mores, this is your perfect introduction.