Can you think of a more millennial thing than kombucha?

Apart from smashed avo, being obsessed with Harry Potter and using the word ‘doggo’.

But apart from those few things (and also millennials love for the TV show Friends) there are very few things more millennial than kombucha.

And we reckon the Natural Confectionery Co. knew all about this when they came up with their latest invention.

The company behind some of our favourite lolly treats is now making Kombucha inspired jellies, which sounds kind of delicious, to be honest.

They are made with actual kombucha extract and contain less sugar than your typical jelly treat.

You can grab them in Strawberry Hibiscus, Ginger Peach and Kombucha Original flavours at Woolies now for just $4 a packet.


Brb, off to Woolworths to grab a packet of kombucha lollies and a DVD box set of Friends.

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