At these times, we are all keeping out pennies close to our chest. Every dollar counts, so it isn’t fun when we find unexpected charges on receipts.

One Woolworths shopper has urged others to keep an eye on their records after finding he was incorrectly charged for blackberries on two occasions.

The man, named Matthew took to Facebook with photos of the receipts as proof and shared his story on Woolworths’ page.

“When mentioning it to staff, not only do they look at you like you have two heads for making it known, politely, they did nothing about it on one occasion and then another changed the price and made me feel like I was at fault for somehow scanning the items incorrectly,” Matthew wrote.

According to Matthew, the blackberries were advertised as costing $5.50 but had scanned on one occasion for $5.90 and on the other $4.50.

A spokesperson responded to the complaint and said they had spoken to the store manager.

“We are sorry to see you have been overcharged. We always aim to charge you accurately for the items you have purchased… We have also shared this with the relevant teams as well as our store manager.”


In a statement to, a spokesperson for Woolworths said, “Woolworths is a signatory to the Scanning Code of Practice.

“Under the Code, our customers are entitled to receive an item free of charge if the scanned price of an item is greater than the shelf price displayed.

“The only exceptions under the Code are products with a shelf price greater than $50, as well as tobacco and liquor products. These products will be adjusted to reflect the shelf price.”