Supermarket chain Woolworths has announced plans to make shopping more affordable for those with coeliac disease.

One in 70 Australians are thought to be affected by the autoimmune condition, and as a result, the supermarket has now said it will offer a 5 per cent discount on “hundreds of gluten-free products”.

Shoppers, who are also Coeliac Australia members, will be eligible to receive a card they can use in-store and online to get the discount.

Woolworths have said they have seen double-digit growth in demand for gluten-free products in the past three years.

Woolworths Head of Nutrition & Health, Stevie Wring said the partnership hopes to “make shopping as easy as possible for our customers regardless of their dietary requirement”.
Coeliac Australia, chief executive officer Michelle Laforest said: “The price of gluten-free food is an important consideration for people living with coeliac disease.”

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