Ahh Christmas. The time of year when everyone tries to outdo each other with their new and inventive advent calendars.

Forget your average chocolate countdown! Advent calendar’s have since progressed to include some of our absolute favourite things!

The latest? One from woolworths called ’12 Days of Cheesemas’ – and we reckon you can guess what’s behind each little door!

Yep, CHEESE! Delicious, creamy, mouthwatering cheese varieties from the British company Ilchester.

We’re talking smoked cheeses, some with a nutty taste, hard cheeses, soft cheeses and even some sweeter ones all included in the advent calendar.

What’s even better? It will only cost you $16! What a freaking bargain!

You know what would make the PERFECT Christmas countdown? If you grabbed the infamous wine advent calendar from ALDI as well as the ’12 Days of Cheesemas’ and paired up a different cheese and wine on each day up until Christmas.


You’re welcome for that golden idea!

The ’12 Days Of Cheesemas’ advent calendar is available online and in Woolworths stores now!

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