This is everything I have ever dreamed of.

For real.

This is for real.

Melbourne is getting it’s first ever DOG CAFE.

It has come around because co-owner Anuj Yadav and his business partner Charles Fernandez had been feeding their dogs meat from a pet store and noticed they were losing weight and throwing up.

They then rang up the meat suppliers and were told that the meat was cheap because it was the left overs.

That is where the change has come and why they are launching Dog House, which will sell raw grass-fed beef plus kangaroo, crocodile and other hame meats.


It won’t be kept in a fridge like at pet stores, instead it will have aesthetics of a high end butcher.

They will also have a retail side that will sell one off collars for your fave pooch as well as costumes.

Every dog deserves a costume.

Dog House will open in early July at 195 Johnstone Street, Collingwood.