When we all need a little comfort food, a cheeky Maccas run will go a long way. Any day is a good day for a McFlurry.

We reckon we’ve got a pretty decent menu in Australia, however according to a now-viral video on social media platform TikTok, fast food lovers in America are feasting on some pretty yummy options.

Lara Fourie, an American 18-year-old who has been living in Australia for the past three years with her family, recently explained the differences of the restaurant chain in both countries.

People have been very interested in her insights… it has had over 717,000 views!


Australia’s Maccas 🇦🇺 vs America’s McDonald’s 🇺🇸 #australia #america

♬ original sound – Lara

Many Australians were shattered that Americans get to enjoy free refills, however, they were also shocked that the popular Chicken N Cheese Burger wasn’t available in the States.



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