We’ve always been told not to mess with a classic, but this seems to be one heck of an exception.

From December 1, Macca’s will be slinging TWO brand-spankin’ new Big Macs – the Chicken Big Mac and, the first of its kind in Australia, the all-new Bacon Big Mac.

Let’s break this down.

Riffing off the classic, the Chicken Big Mac has crunchy chicken patties instead of beef, all the other trappings like lettuce, pickles, cheese, onions, and of course the Big Mac sauce will remain.

The Bacon Big Mac is the regular Big Mac but with two rashers of bacon on the top bunk.


But McDonald’s aren’t satisfied with just rolling out two new Macs.

They’re also bringing back Onion Rings.

Hoo boy, talk about a ripper start to summer!