Thousands of kegs worth of beer are likely to be poured down the drain within the coming weeks, following over six weeks of hospitality shutdowns.

7News reports that brewers have been taking beer back from pubs following the closures.

Brewer Lion Australia is reportedly ditching 90,000 kegs or 4.5 million litres of beer across the country at on-site wastewater treatment plants, turning the beer into biogas.

Brewers have also been taking beer back from pubs and bars to ensure that when restrictions are lifted, our beer tastes fresh.

That’s very thoughtful of them.

Although, they are more than welcome to send the discarded brew our way, we’ll give it a good home!

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is expected to announce the easing of some restrictions after Friday’s national cabinet meeting, although it is not yet known when we should expect to see pubs, bars and restaurants open their doors once more.

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