The multiple lockdowns have taken a huge toll on the Melbourne hospitality and entertainment industries. With the COVID-19 vaccine rollout now opening up to more Australians than ever before, business owners are urging young people to consider their options.

One Melbourne pub have taken things into their own hands by kicking off an initiative to get locals rolling their sleeves up.

This week, Port Melbourne’s Prince Alfred Hotel will be handing out a free drink to anyone who gets the jab at the Port Melbourne Town Hall.

“Present your little blue card at the bar after your jab and we’ll give you a pint, a wine, a rum and Coke… what ever you want,” the pub wrote on Instagram.

Several Bay Street venues were listed as exposure sites when Victoria faced its fourth lockdown only weeks ago. Owners Anna and Tom Streater “want to make people in Port Melbourne aware of where their local vaccination venue is and to help provide a little encouragement for people to do their bit and ultimately, to keep our pub open.”


“We want to encourage locals to ‘do their bit’, and we are happy to put our hand in our pocket to fund the initiative,” Anna Streater said.

The announcement received thousands of comments including praise from influencers to debate from critics. However, the pub are standing firm on their messaging.

The Prince Alfred Port Melbourne is located at 355 Bay Street, Port Melbourne.

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